W.C.”Bill” Boone, Spur Maker

A descendant of Daniel Boone, William Clayton “Bill” Boone was born in Mertzon, Texas in 1929. He grew up in a family of blacksmiths and well known spur makers. For generations the Boones have been making bits, spurs, knives, hatchets and a few guns. Bill’s grandfather, Jerry Clayton Boone and father Clyde Boone, were both spurmakers. Uncles, Bob Boone, Pate Boone, and Daniel “Dee” Boone, were all well known spur makers. His cousin Wallie Boone, had a spur making company in Lubbock and later in San Angelo, Texas.

As a young boy it was not uncommon to find Bill in one of the blacksmith shops of an uncle, watching and trying to get the hang of just what it took to make a pair of spurs. Bill spent most of his time with his uncles Pate and Dee. He began trying his hand at spur making in the early 1940’s while spending some time with his Uncle Dee in Oklahoma. In 1943, Bill sold his first pair of spurs for the sum of $2.00. His uncles, Bob and Dee also did engraving. They encouraged Bill to learn engraving skills along with spur making.

Custom designs are welcome. Feel free to select bands, shanks and rowels to create your special spurs. Engraving and overlays of sterling silver, German silver, copper and other metals are available, too. There are several finishes to choose from, as well. Personalize your spurs with initials, brand, or personal design.

Bill also makes custom made hunting knives.

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